Malawi Electoral Commission MEC says has concluded Constituency and Ward Boundary Review Exercise in preparation for 2025 General Elections

A press release signed by MEC Chief Elections Officer Andrew Mpesi says the commission submitted the report to National Assembly on 7th November through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for confirmation of the constituency boundaries.

Mpesi says the number of constituencies shall be 229, up from 193 and the wards shall be 509, up from 462.

“The exercise has been implemented from April 2021 to July 2022. During the said period the commision held public awareness meetings, public consultations and public hearings. The stakeholders who were consulted include presidents, leaders of all registered political parties, members of parliament, ward councillors, faith and traditional leaders and civil society organisations among others,” Mpesi says

He adds that the constituencies and wards have been given names that were proposed and agreed upon by stakeholders.

MEC hopes that the National Assembly will consider the Report on its merit and within the prescriptions of factors which are provided by law.

“Confirmation of constituency boundaries is a requirement of section 76 (5) (b) of the constitution which stipulates that national assembly shall confirm all determinations by the commission with regard to the drawing up of constituency boundaries but may not alter the boundaries of any constituency, except upon the recommendation of the commission,” reads the statement

The commission used the projected population of people eligible to register to vote for the 2025 general elections which was provided by National Statistics Office NSO.

According to NSO the national population of voters eligible to register to vote in 2025 is projected to be 10, 957, 490

“The commission ensured the process was conducted in a fair, independent and impartial manner and was not subjected to any external direction or undue influence,” says Mpesi

MEC has thanked all stakeholders that contributed to the success of the exercise in various ways

Once confirmed by national assembly the commission shall publish new boundary descriptions in the Gazette and embark on national wide exercise to establish registration and polling centers.