Malawi Electoral Commission MEC is yet to release results for by elections which were held in Karonga Central constituency, Lilongwe North West and Makhuwira ward in Chikwawa.

In a statement, Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika says the commission is yet to receive results record from 10 polling stations in Lilongwe north west and original results from three polling stations in Karonga central.

Alfandika also added that the commission has received a complaint from UTM Candidate in Karonga Central constituency Frank Mwenefumbo.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Mwenefumbo acknowledged to have launched a complaint that his contender Renald Mwalwanda is not a registered voter in the constituency.

In a separate interview, legal expert Osman Kennedy says Mwenefumbo argument does not hold water, as the constitution only says a contestant should be a registered voter.