MEC Urges Political Parties to Conduct Free Primary elections

Malawi Electoral Commission MEC has urged political parties to ensure that primary elections are conducted in free and transparent manner for the results to reflect the will of people.

Chief elections officer for MEC Sammy Alufandika says if primary elections are mishandled they can result in voter alienation whereby people purposely decide to shun electoral activities including voting because of disappointment.

Alufandika says “if the members feel that the candidate representing their party was imposed or won in a fraudulent process, chances are that they may decide not to vote, resulting in low voter turnout on 21 May 2019.”

He has emphasized that there will be no nomination by substitution if a nominated candidate is disqualified.

The Commission says will not provide an extension to the nomination period should some political parties fail to identify candidates.

Presentation of nomination papers shall be held from 4 to 8 February 2019.

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