Men Arrested For Damaging Banknotes

Men Arrested For Damaging Banknotes

In an effort to protect bank currency, police in the central region has arrested four men for damaging banknotes.

Assistant public relations officer for central region police headquarters constable Patrick Kasauka has identified the suspects as Fabiano Kachepa 30, Lumbani Nyasulu 36, Dastain Mwaluwaya 63 and Makalani Elisa 25.

Kasauka said the four were seen dancing and stepping on banknotes hence damaging them on the process.

“Police who were strategically present at the place arrested the four instantly and charged them in line with section 23 of Reserve Bank of Malawi which prohibits any person from willfully defacing, soiling or damaging bank currency,” he said

This comes amid several calls by Reserve Bank warning people to avoid the tendency of stepping on banknotes during weddings, bridal showers and other celebrations.

Meanwhile, the suspects are on police bail.

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