MIAA holds discussions with MAM & QMAM

Director of Malawi Interfaith Aids Association (MIAA) Robert Ngaiyaye says religious leaders are vital in reducing HIV prevalence rate in the country.

Ngayaye said this in Mangochi during a constituency based transformation dialogue meeting on HIV, Health and social justice with Muslim association of Malawi and Quadria Association of Malawi.

“The dialogue was aimed at providing a platform for evidence informed and objective discussions on key and vulnerable populations who are highly stigmatized and discriminated against in the nation response,” explained Ngaiyaye.

He added that religious leaders provide moral and spiritual guidance to people and shapes the mind of everyone in the country a development that can help to cub this epidemic.

Speaking after the meeting spokesperson for Muslim association of Malawi sheikh Dinala chabulika commended (MIAA) for organizing the function.

“MAM is doing its best in sensitizing the community on preventive measures on HIV and AIDS,” Sheikh Chabulika said.

He asked MIAA to continue organizing dialogue meetings that bring religious leaders together to have one voice on elimination of the epidemic.

In his remarks sheikh Kawinga spokesperson for Quadria Association of Malawi said people should fear Allah and have faith.

“Muslims cannot allow gays because that is against principles of Allah,” Sheikh Kawinga expressed.

He therefore asked fellow religious leaders to take care of people with HIV AIDS and encourage them to take ARVs to be healthy.

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