Millenium Challenge Compact in Malawi Ends

As the Millennium Challenge Compact MCC ends today Thursday, 20 September, 2018, Millenium Challenge Account MCA Malawi says there is need for the country to focus on attracting investors to generate more power for Malawi.

Speaking to radio Islam Communications director of MCA Malawi Zilani Khonje said Malawi needs to review tariffs to ensure that the cost of production is conducive to the power generation business.

Khonje said through the five year program, MCA has achieved about 98 percent of its works and laid the foundation for improved power distribution.

“Power generation has increased by 12 megawatts of power being added to the grid through the rehabilitation of Nkula A, supporting the addition of 412 kilometres of distribution lines and also power policy reforms as well as improving information management at Escom and working with communities in conservation,” cited Khonje.

MCC’s Malawi Compact was designed to increase incomes and reduce poverty by improving the availability of, reliability of, and access to the power supply.

Unites States government pumped in 350.7 million dollars for the project.

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