MISA Malawi has expressed concern over the assault by police of journalists who were reporting arrest of chairperson of Human Rights Defenders Coalition at Lilongwe police.

Chairperson of MISA Malawi Tereza Temweka Ndanga says some police officers chased the journalists who had sought refugee after the law enforcers had fired teargas to disperse people who were protesting outside.

Ndanga says the police officers insulted the journalists, pelted stones at them and shoved one of them with a gun.

“The officers accused the media of being behind the protests in the country,” Ndanga says

MISA Malawi finds it very unfortunate that police officers continue to be hostile to journalists on duty despite several appeals for a reformed police service.

Therefore, Ndanga has reminded Malawi Police Service to discipline officers who abuse their law enforcement duties by assaulting and abusing journalists.

She says the officers must stop treating journalists as criminals.