Malawi Law Society MLS has warned political leaders against making sentiments that undermine the court in the electoral case.

MLS has made the warning in a statement addressed to president Mutharika, chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission, MCP and UTM Presidents, speaker of parliament, inspector general of police and Human rights defenders coalition.

Secretary of the Society Martha Kaukonde says public rallies by DPP, MCP and UTM to thank their voters are being used to question outcome of presidential elections, reminding the public about their manifestoes or attacking one another for perceived electoral misconduct.

“Political leaders should use such opportunities to warn their members of the possibility of either outcome at the Court,” says Kaukonde.

She stresses that there is no legal requirement for the Electoral Commission Chairperson to resign should there be a dispute over an electoral outcome.

MLS has re-iterated its call to Malawi Police Service to protect the public safety and the rights throughout the demonstrations.

“We request Malawi Police to investigate and publicize reasons for destruction of property during such demonstrations,” asks the society

MLS has called upon organizers of demonstrations and electoral commission chairperson to deeply reflect on the value of the protests and remaining in office as her stay in that position seems to be a cause for social disruption and political unrest respectively.

Malawi Law Society has requested DPP to consider whether organizing any form of counter-demonstration and victory rallies does not fuel the differences especially while the matter remains in Court with a possibility of either outcome.

“All in all, the Law Society’s recommendation is that all parties concerned must refrain from conducting themselves in any manner that suggests that they have taken over power of the Court.” emphasizes MLS

The Law Society therefore calls upon political leaders and the parties to the dispute to avoid inciting any of form of violence or undue influence against any member of judiciary for their role in the conduct of the electoral petitions before the Court.

It has urged Speaker of the National Assembly and all duly elected MPs to see to it that Parliament business is at all times conducted with all the decorum and diligence expected of business in that institution.

Meanwhile, MLS has askedpolitical leaders to consider national dialogue over the state of the nation following the outcome of the May 21 presidential elections.

The society has urged any party with information for the resolution of the electoral dispute to surrender to court by taking necessary steps