MPs lament the torture on Muluzi

There was drama in the national assembly on Thursday after MP for Salima North West Dr Jessey Kabwila asked the House to debate the torture on former president Dr Bakili Muluzi who is still answering corruption cases in court.

The issue attracted much sympathy from many MPs who kept on calling the speaker to let them discuss the matter at hand.

According to Kabwila, it is unfair for the country to continue persecuting Muluzi through rigorous court processes despite several contributions he made to this country.

“Mr speaker sir it is worrisome to note that the former president is being tortured when he was supposed to be respected,” said Kabwira

In response, Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya said though it was a private members day, it’s not proper for the members to bring in the house, matters that are not on the order paper.

“Members you must continue asking questions adding the issue at hand is to do with the courts hence not proper for the legislators to discuss,” Msowoya said.

But this did not impress the members, who continually asked the speaker to let them discuss the persecution of Muluzi by rising on point of order.

Msowoya then turned to tuning off microphones of MPs who were standing on point of order to ask questions on other matters, only to ask about the Muluzi issue.

He then asked the members to present the issue through a written motion, which he promised to attend to once presented.

Earlier in the morning, the members also asked the speaker to send out MP for Blantyre North for allegedly wearing party colours.

But in his ruling Msowoya said “MP for Blantyre North has not violated any rule because he is only wearing a blue colour not party cloth.”

On the questions, MP for Kasungu East asked the Ministry to upgrade Kasungu-Lilongwe M1 road which is betting narrower.

In response, Minister responsible, Jappie Mhango said all roads across the country will be upgraded and rehabilitated soon after the rainy season.

“Funds are available to rehabilitate M1 road and we have identified a contractor and consultant to do the job,” said Mhango.

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