MUB Calls for more Braile Education

Malawi Union of the Blind MUB has called upon actors to ensure that Braille education and investment continues to be priotised.

MUB Executive Director Ezekiel Kumwenda made the call in a press statement as the blind community today commemorates the birth of Louis Braille, a French man who invented Braille symbols.

In a press statement Kumwenda has urged the Malawi government to enhance the promotion of Braille as provided for in the United Nations Convention of the rights of people with disabilities.

Kumwenda further reminded government to ratify the Malakesh treaty which calls upon member countries to make sure that published materials are accessible to all including people who are visually impaired.

MUB says the major concern among the blind community is that there is less support for teaching, using and investing in Braille among educators and governments.

He has therefore asked actors to commit themselves in facilitating easier access to Braille materials.

The invention of Braille has changed the lives of many blind people by among others allowing them more independence in their literacy hence giving them increased opportunities to become successful individuals.

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