Muslim Students call for joint efforts to end challenges

Muslim Students Association (MSA) has hinted the need for joint efforts in order to deal with challenges Muslim students face in their respective learning institutions.

This has been said by the Association’s national chairperson; Jaffar Jameson during a meeting he had with Eastern Region MSA committee, at Chancellor College in Zomba.

Jameson said, the association is aware of various challenges students are going through in their day to day lives, but was quick to say that there is need for collaborative efforts to deal with them.

“Despite my office being responsible for issues to do with students, lack of resources limits our efforts,” said Jameson.

He said, there are many issues like, lack of bursary to some learners, students being denied to attend Friday prayers and putting on hijab, in some learning institutions, which MSA alone cannot deal with them.

Jameson then revealed plans to channel some of the challenges to Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) as a mother body in the country, and see how jointly they can solve them.

“I urge various Islamic organisations to partner with them in addressing such issues, so that together they can create a future educated Muslim community,” he said.

On her part, secretary for the Eastern region MSA committee; Khadija Imran, said there is a lot to be done In order to create a conducive environment for Muslim learners.

She said, “in some institutions students are not allowed to form associations, some students hiding their religious identity, things which needs special attention.”

Muslim Students Association is currently establishing regional committees and conducting meetings with an aim of enhancing unity among Muslim students.

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