Thousands of Muslims have rallied across South Asia nations of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan over insulting remarks on Prophet Muhammad by officials of India’s ruling party.

Protests were reported from various Indian cities on Friday as Muslims marched after the afternoon congregation prayers, raising slogans against government and calling for the arrest of members belonging to Prime Minister’s (BJP).

Anger has been growing in India and Muslim-majority nations across the world since last week, when two BJP made comments insulting Muhammad and his wife Aisha.

The BJP suspended them, saying it denounces insults of other religions and asked its officials to be “extremely cautious” on religious matters in primetime “debates” on Indian news channels.

But India’s Muslims, who are facing a sharp rise in Islamophobia and attacks on them since Modi came to power in 2014, say those actions are not enough.

Police in New Delhi on Thursday filed cases against the two BJP members and others – including a Muslim parliamentarian and journalist – for “inciting hatred” and other charges.