Mysterious paintings on houses in TA Mchinguxa area

Fear has gripped villagers in TA Mchinguxa in Machinga district as their houses are being painted strange red symbols.

According to one of the victims Elex Majidu of group village headman Lumala his house was painted three days ago.

“Some of the symbols look like a cross while others are roman numerals and people are confused as chiefs have no answers to such paintings,” said Majidu.

In a separate interview, group village headman Mkisa said the incident started five days ago and has affected many villages in TA Mchinguza.

Chief Mkisa said some people found the strange symbols in their bedrooms and even under their mattresses.

“Villagers are suspecting that satanic people are behind it and chiefs met on 15th November to find solutions,” said chief Mkisa.

He said they are planning to report the matter to TA Mchinguza.

TA Mchinguza expressed worry on the development as it had never happened in his area.

“I do not know how to address the issue as it seems to be magical in nature saying only God can solve this mystery,” TA Mchinguxa said.

He said will meet with his fellow chiefs to discuss solutions.

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