National Holy Quran Competition has hailed sheikhs and organizations for contributing greatly to the increase in the number of children who are memorizing the holy Quran.

This has been said as over 60 hafiz are expected to compete in this year’s National Holy Quran competition finals on Sunday.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Islam, coordinator of national holy Quran competition sheikh Cassim Chongolo said the competition has encouraged children towards the memorization and understanding of the holy Quran.

“As compared to previous years there is great improvement as the country is producing 20 to 25 hafiz who can compete on the international scene,” said Sheikh Chongolo

According to him separating girls from boys in the competition has encouraged many girls to participate.

Sheikh Chongolo stressed the need for people to compete in GODLY things and not worldly saying “memorizing the Quran will not only help the memorizer in this world but also in the hereafter.”

Meanwhile, Umal Bin Khatwab has said all is set for its fifth graduation ceremony where over 21 students are expected to receive certificates.

Administrator of the school sheikh Rajab Captain has asked the students to practice and abide by the teachings of the holy Quran.

Over 73 students have graduated since the inception of the school in 2008.