NICE Trust Ready for 2019 Tripartite Elections in Malawi

Meanwhile, National Initiative for Civic Education NICE Trust has said is prepared to promote participation of all Malawians during 2019 polls.

Executive Director Ollen Mwalubungu said this on Tuesday during a press conference which NICE Trust organized in Lilongwe.

Mwalubunju said NICE will take all necessary measures to ensure that all Malawians have the opportunity to exercise their right of participating in the elections.

“NICE Trust is ready to conduct many awareness campaigns and monitor the electoral process in order to have credible polls. My organisation has put in place civic education programs to promote participation of marginalized groups such as women, youths, the Elderly and persons with disabilities,” explained Mwalubunju

Therefore he said NICE Trust will support Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) to produce adequate civic and voter education materials in Braille.

In supporting the 50-50 campaign, he said NICE Trust will hold meetings aimed at encouraging political participation of women in collaboration with political parties, UN Women, ministry of gender and other organisations.

“NICE Trust will train young women in general communication and public speaking skills. 5004 monitors will be stationed in each of the polling centres across the country,” added Mwalubunju

NICE Trust director further said the organisation will monitor the electoral processes in three phases namely Pre-poll, polling and post-poll periods.

Therefore he urged traditional leaders, the media and other stakeholders to play a big role in 2019 tripartite elections

“I encourage all eligible citizens to register in order to choose leaders of their choice,” Mwalubunju said

Nice Trust held the press conference with funding from European Development Fund under Chilungamo project.

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