Only prayers on 2016 MW Independence day

The state president professor Peter Mutharika has declared that the 2016 celebrations for independence day will be commemorated by prayers of worship.

A press release from state house says government has done so because of the economic challenges it is facing.

Meanwhile, political analysts have expressed mixed reaction on the development;

While others commend government on the move others say it is a sad development.

In an interview with Radio Islam two of the political analysts Vincent Kondowe and Humphreys Mvula say government has done a good thing considering the economic crisis the country is going through.

“Government has done the right decision because Malawi is going throughnumerous hardships,” said Mvula and Kondowe.

However, Lecturer of politics at Chancellor College Dr Mustapha Hussein says it is a sad development which only indicates that the country is failing to move forward.

Meanwhile, all the political analysts have asked government to use the money wisely by allocating it to important sectors of the country like health.

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