Paralegals must be impartial-RAC

Rights Advice Centre RAC has urged the paralegals to be impartial and independent when fighting against human trafficking and gender based violence.

Centre Manager for RAC Madaliso Masache said this during the training of its paralegals in tradition authority Mponda, Chimwala, Jalasi and Nankumba in Mangochi district on human trafficking and gender based violence.

“The delay by courts to give judgment on such cases affects the work of paralegals,” Masache said

One of the participants from traditional authority Jalasi Adam Dickson Mogoya said the training will help to improve performance of paralegals and revive the forum.

“Cases of gender based violence are high as they receive them every day,” Mogoya said

He called on government and NGOs to educate communities on impact of human trafficking and some cultural practices which contribute to violations.

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