Parliament Passes Dual Citizenship Bill

Parliament has passed a dual citizenship and loan authorization bills.

Commenting on the dual citizenship bill Member of Parliament for Lilongwe North East Maxwell Thyolera said it is a political tool for DPP to win Malawians hearts in the campaign for 2019 elections.

“Ministry of Homeland Security and Disaster Management came up with the bill to please his party,” said Thyolera

Presenting the bill in parliament Dausi said it is now favoring women as at first only Malawian men could bring foreign wives in the country.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Salima North west, Jessy Kabwila said the bill should include issues of land and other resources of the country.

Kabwila added that “foreign men should be given limitations on what they can do or not in Malawi.”

Presenting the loan authorization bill Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe said the program will help the country to manage natural resources and improve agricultural productivity.

“The project will be implemented in 3 phases within 14 years,” Gondwe said.

Member of Parliament for Dowa East Richard Chimwendo Banda said Malawians should learn to borrow with vision.

Spokespersons of opposition parties in the national assembly accepted the bill saying it is beneficial to Malawians.

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