Mangochi district health office has embarked on Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign in Traditional Authorities Makanjira and Jalasi.

Senior Environmental Health Officer Semu Kholola said the campaign aims at protecting communities from Cholera outbreak during this rainy season.

Kholola said the first campaign will take place in December 2018 and the second round in January 2019.

“The comprehensive risk assessment and situation analysis that was conducted by Ministry of Health in 2016 found that Mangochi was one of the 12 districts at risk of Cholera outbreak,” explained Kholola

He said they are targeting two health centers of Chiponde as well as Chiumbangame in Senior Chief Jalasi and all health centers in traditional authority Makanjira.

Commenting, District Medical Officer Winnie Mhone asked people to participate in large numbers in the campaign.