Penny Appeal South Africa has donated 200 packs of assorted drugs to Assalam Clinic in Mangochi as one way of ensuring that the clinic has enough drugs to carter for patients.

Speaking during the handover ceremony Penny Appeal South Africa chief operations officer Shahin Shaa said Assalam clinic plays a major role in helping patients from different communities therefore they thought of rendering a hand.

According to Shaa Penny Appeal is putting together resources to reach out to those in need of assistance.

“We will do an assessment once we get back, InshaAllah and may be bring in oxygen concentrators  to combat covid and look at what else we can do to help communities in Malawi, InshaAllah”, said Shaa.

In his remarks director of Penny Appeal Malawi Sheikh Antala Saeed hailed the donors for the timely donation as it will help the clinic to serve the communities.

He further said the organization plans to reach out to other hospitals in the country with similar support.

Meanwhile nursing in charge at Assalam clinic Faida Ibrahim thanked penny Appeal for considering them first saying as the clinic they face a lot of challenges such as shortage of some drugs.

Ibrahim said the donation will help a lot of patients to have access to free medication.

“Many people will benefit from this donation, these medicine are expensive and many people can not afford, now they will getting them for free”, Ibrahim added.

She then urged the organization and other well wishers to continue assisting the clinic.