Police & Chiefs intensity the fight against attacks on albino

Eastern Region Police has said is committed to fight against killing, abduction and exhumation of bones of people with albinism in the region as some districts in the country have registered the cases this year.

Eastern Region Commissioner of Police Effie Kaitano was speaking this in Zomba during the follow up meeting which was organized to review some of the issues to end the malpractice that were discussed in Mangochi last year.

“In May 2016 we engaged traditional leaders in the eastern region to find the lasting solution on attacks on people with albinism,” said Commissioner Kaitano

She described the solution as successful and fruitful since no case has been registered so far.

However, she expressed concern over the latest incident in Machinga where of a woman who died of leprosy was exhumed.

“The general public must know that Eastern region police will deal with such people,” she emphasised.

In his remarks newly elevated Paramount chief Kawinga said traditional leaders in eastern region will continue working hand in hand with police to completely abolish attacks on people with albinism.

Paramount Chief Kawinga said with other tradition leaders, they have formed by-laws which are protecting people with albinism and are expected to be approved by their MPs as well as government officials.

“We appeal to commissioner of Eastern Region Police to have such meetings every year to review progress of their effort,” said Paramount chief Kawinga.

Paramount chief Kawinga further asked Malawi police Service to provide vehicles in all police stations which will help in dealing with culprits.

Among all districts in the country, Machinga has a high population of 152 people with albinism.

Some of the traditional leaders who attended the meeting include Sultan Chowe and Senior Chief Chimwala from Mangochi, T.A Msalamala from Balaka, T.A Malemya and Mlumbe from Xomba as well as Mkola, Nchingua and Ngokwe from Machinga district.

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