Political parties requested to support women to hold positions

Malawi Electoral commission says political parties should support women to hold positions in order to have more female candidates in 2019 tripartite elections.

Chairperson of Malawi electoral commission justice Dr Jane Ansah made the request during the opening of “ENHANCING GENDER EQUALITY IN POLITICAL PARTIES” CONFERENCE in Lilongwe.

Dr Ansah said this is the right time to discuss ways of stopping the reverse trend and then increasing the numbers of women that are making it to chambers.

She said “political parties are the primary and most direct vehicle through which women can access elected office and political leadership.”

MEC Chair called on political parties that have not held their convention to support more women to contest in their positions.

She urged women to stand up to show that they are ready for the challenge.

Dr Ansah also said civil society organizations need to adopt an electoral cycle approach of supporting women in elections.

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