Premises delay Malawi’s Islamic University

Premises delay Malawi’s Islamic University

Lack of premises is said to delay establishment of Islamic University in Malawi.

ICBM officials had said the college would be turned into Islamic University.

However, speaking to Radio Islam, chairperson of ICBM Altaf Ghan said they are searching for a conducive place to construct the university.

“All paperwork to establish Islamic university in Malawi is at an advanced stage,” said Ghan.

ICBM registers a tremendous success in as far as providing quality education is concerned.

According to Association of Business Executive ABE ranking the school ranks number 26 as one of the best schools in the world.

As such the school has been promoted to ABE registering center for students in the southern region of Africa.

According to ICBM principal Omar Mutaz, over 3, 800 students have graduated at this college since 2002.

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