Scientists discuss cassava crop

Scientists from around the world have discussed ways to save Cassava from diseases considering its potential in boosting food and economic muscle among small holder farmers in most parts of Africa.

The discussions were organized by Africa Cassava Whitefly Project (ACWP) in Blantyre.

Opening the second general annual meeting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda said the project is important in improving Malawi’s economic and food status.

“Cassava is one of the potential alternatives from maize as it thrives even in low rainfall and does not require fertilizer,” Chaponda expressed.

ACWP national leading scientist for Malawi, Donald Kachigamba concurred with the minister on the importance of Cassava Crop to the country’s nutrition and economy.

Kachigamba who is the scientist responsible for the project which is being conducted at Bvumbe Research Station indicated “the problem is more severe in the lakeshore cassava producing districts as compared to other parts of the country.”

He explained that in Malawi, the project is being implemented at grassroots level where interventions are being done in the farmers’ fields.

ACWP which commenced in October 2014 is being funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

It is being carried out in Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.

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