Stray Lion found in Chikwawa

Stray Lion found in Chikwawa

Communities around Chikwawa district are living in fear due to presence of a stray lion which has found its sanctuary in Illovo Sugarcane plantations.

According to Patricio Ndadzera, a project manager for Majete Game Reserve, the stray lion which has been causing a lot of havoc in the area is from Mozambique.

While confirming presence of the stray beast, Ndadzera said the electric fence around the game reserve remains intact.

Ndadzera said game rangers from Majete have for a month now been trying to capture or kill it but in vain.

Ndadzera explained that they are able to track the deadly beast but whenever they use their methods to capture it, it does not respond to animal attracting schemes which the rangers use in order to either kill or capture.

He added that currently Majete officials have stopped searching for the lion as they have been reliably informed that it is living in Lengwe National Park thereby cannot cause any harm to the public.

Meanwhile, Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, has said the police have not been informed about the stray lion.

However, reports from Chikhwawa indicate that the lion continues to attack domestic animals.

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