Suspended ADMARC boss testifies against Chaponda, Tayub

Suspended ADMARC boss testifies against Chaponda, Tayub

The state has started parading witnesses in the case which former minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development Dr George Chaponda and Rashid Tayub of Transglobe are answering corruption charges.

The court started with reading of the amended charge shit in which Chaponda is answering three charges while Tayub one charge.

Reading the amended charge shit senior residence magistrate Simion Mdexa said “Chaponda is answering charges of giving false information to Anti corruption Bureau, attempt to obtain advantage and possession of foreign currencies without proper documents while Tayub of persuading a public officer to offer a contract.”

Both the accused did not plead guilty in the previous trial forcing the state council to parade witnesses.

The first to present his evidence is the suspended chief executive officer of ADMARC Foster Mlumbe.

Mlumbe told the court that he was getting pressure from Dr Chaponda and Tayub to offer Transglobe a contract on the sell of 10000 metric tones of maixe to ADMARC.

“Dr Chaponda called him many times asking ADMARC to offer a contract to Transglobe. Dr Chaponda said was not comfortable with the non performance of Zambian suppliers on the same contract,” said Mlumbe.

He added that Dr Chaponda warned him that if the hunger situation got out of hand him as the agriculture minister will not be responsible.

On the other hand Mlumbe said Transglobe officials had been seeking audience to persuade him to offer the contract.

Mlumbe also presented email communications from both Chaponda and Transglobe as evidence before the court.

The state is expected to parade 22 witnesses to testify against both the accused.

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