Taakaful Cooperative Society Limited Donates To Hunger Victims

Taakaful Cooperative Society Limited has donated maize flour to 300 families in the area of Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi district.

Speaking to Radio Islam Chief executive Officer for Taakaful Cooperative Society Limited Adil Chilungo said the donation comes in response to recent reports of food insecurity in the area.

Chilungo mentioned that the situation is bound to get worse now as Mangoes will be finished hence hoping to assist community again in mid December.

“Ngokwe in Machinga is also experiencing the same situation of food shortage,” Chilungo.

Chilungo therefore called upon communities of Makanjira and sub TA Lulanga to practice Irrigation farming which can provide them medium to long term food security solutions as the area is located along the largest water source in lake Malawi,

Commenting after receiving the donation, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude hence applauding Taakaful for the gesture.

According to the 2018/2019 Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee MVAC Report, more than 3 million people will remain food insecure in Malawi starting from November 2018 to March 2019.

Out of these, Mangochi accounts for more than 350,000 and Makanjira has over 80,000 households which are food insecure.

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