Vice president Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima has revealed some of the agreements which tonse alliance partners made before winning the 2020 fresh presidential elections

Chilima has disclosed days after Ant Coruption Bureau ACB report named him as one of the 84 suspects involved in the corruption scandal with a UK based businessman Zuneth Sattar  and later questioned by Anti-Corruption Bureau ACB.

Addressing the national Chilima said Tonse alliance partners agreed to amend the law and remove presidential immunity.

He further said the partners also agreed that presidential candidate who led tonse alliance in 2020 elections will not lead again in 2025 elections.

This is the first time that some of the alliance agreements have been made public after Chilima and President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has repeatedly refused to disclose them

A few months ago, Malawi Congress Party MCP supporters said Chakwera will be the party’s torchbearer in 2025 elections.

Speaking to the nation, Chilima said if the alliance is to break now, the partners need to make fresh agreement and hold another election.

He asked UTM supporters and the public to avoid jeopardizing the work of ACB and warned that his loyalty to the alliance should not be considered stupidity

Chilima mentioned a number of people who pleaded with him to join the alliance and encouraged its formation.

“Chikosa Silungwe, Titus Mvalo and Lobin Lowe are some of the people who facilitated the establishment of the alliance,” Chilima

President Chakwera withdrew delegated duties of Chilima after his name appeared in the corruption report