United States has called for restraint on all sides while the high court hears MCP case and resolves electoral disputes.

Press officer for Bureau of African Affairs Vanessa has made the call in a statement on teargas at MCP Headquarters.

Vanessa confirmed that ambassador Virginia Palmer went to MCP headquarters building for a farewell meeting with Dr Lazarus Chakwera, the president of MCP.

She said Malawi’s democracy and peacefulness are critical to its international reputation and prosperity.

“Palmer has had similar meetings with senior Malawian officials and leaders of major political parties all week, as she prepares to depart Malawi,” Vanessa said

She further said Malawian police deployed teargas to disperse MCP supporters at MCP headquarters while Ambassador Palmer was meeting with Chakwera.

Vanessa stressed that nobody was targeting the US ambassador and disclosed that she is safe and was in no danger.