Voter registration begins in Malawi

Registration of voters for 2019 tripartite elections has started today in Salima, Kasungu and Dedxa districts.

For the first time in the history of Malawi the country is using biometric voter registration system

Speaking in an interview with radio Islam commissioner of Malawi Electoral commission Jean Mathanga says the registration process has begun well as necessary equipment and staff are in the registration centres.

She called on all eligible Malawians to register in order to vote in next year’s polls.

“Malawians who are 18 years and above should go to register in time not when the registration process is close to an end,” Mathanga said

Meanwhile, Minister of Civic Education and Culture, Grace Obama Chiumia has promised Malawians that her Ministry will conduct massive awareness campaign on the elections.

Speaking with radio Islam Chiumia said “government relies on National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust and other organizations accredited by Malawi Electoral Commission to conduct voter civic education.”

Chiumia observes that biometric registration requires more civic education so that Malawians understand how the system operates.

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