Woman scalds her son over cooked beans

Police at Balaka is keeping in custody a 26 year old woman for allegedly pouring hot water on her 3 year old son.

According to Balaka police publicist sergeant Joseph Sauka, Ndaona Samson scalded her child as a punishment for stealing relish.

Sergeant Sauka said the suspect left the victim home for the market, and when the mother came back, she found that the victim had eaten some beans which were being cooked.

This did not please the suspect who took hold of the child and dipped both his hands into burning charcoal.

The suspect did not take the child to the hospital for treatment despite the victim having bruises over his palms and the issue was reported to Police by concerned villagers after a week.

Sergeant Sauka said the suspect is expected to appear before court soon to answer a case of unlawful wounding which is contrary to section 241 of the Penal code.

Ndaona Samson comes from Joshua village, Senior Chief Msamala in Balaka district.

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