MP submits evidence on Minister’s corruption

Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua has surrendered the documents containing evidence that Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda practiced corruption and was kicked out of Brazil.

Kalua made the statement on Monday 21st November, during the official opening of parliament in Lilongwe.

This angered Chaponda who demanded the evidence saying Kalua had been making such statements for a long time.

At one point Chaponda also attacked PP members that the country is suffering because of their cash gate.

“This member of parliament has been making such allegations many times, therefore this time must bring the evidence tomorrow,” demanded Chaponda.

After scrutinizing the argument speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya ordered Kalua to present the evidence at the beginning of Tuesday’s deliberation failure which would be kicked out of parliament.

“Can you please submit the evidence on Tuesday morning otherwise you will be sent out,” Msowoya directed.

Chairing the deliberations this morning deputy speaker of parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje ordered Kalua to submit the evidence.

“Have you brought the evidence, is it verbal or written, we want the written evidence,” said Chilenje.

Kalua confidently surrendered two documents.

However, Chilenje said they did not have the signatures.

“I have made two observations in these documents, one do not have signatories, two are not printed,” Chilenje said.

The MPs demanded the circulation to verify her claims but she suspended the issue to proceed with Tuesday’s business.

The parliamentarians therefore asked the Minister of Internal security to rectify the challenges concerning the Ministry.

In her response the Minister responsible Grace Chiumia said her Ministry is aware of the problems and will get rid of them.

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