President’s speech lacks decisive action-commentantors

Commentators say the National Address which President Arthur Peter Mutharika delivered lacked decisive action on how matters affecting the country will be addressed.

Speaking to radio Islam Umodxi Party President Professor John Chisi and Social Commentator Humphrey Mvula said there is need for the presidency and government to have timelines and action plan on how to address issues that are affecting Malawians.

In separate interviews both Mvula and Prof Chisi said it is disappointing that Mutharika did not say anything in relation to university closure.

“Mutharika should understand that repeated rhetoric cannot help matters adding people are looking for immediate action which will address challenges facing this country that are mainly caused by corruption,” explained Prof Chisi.

In his remarks, Mvula said DPP government should engage others to help it with solutions on problems affecting the country.

In a 35 minute national address Mutharika tackled various sectors such as economy, agriculture, security, education and health.

Mutharika admitted that Malawi is facing numerous challenges which have negatively affected lives especially of the poor.

“We have poverty we never managed to address for many years. We have a growing population that threatens our limited resources. We have climate change that threatens the survival of our hopes,” said Mutharika.

He said there is need for a positive mindset that inspires a collective drive for long term solutions.

“One point I put forward is “focus on real issues,” said Mutharika.

He thanked stakeholders for assisting government in various ways.

The president finally asked Malawians who have alternatives on how to improve the country’s situation to send to government.

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