CSO’s form new group

As one way of enhancing a progressive and sustained dialogue with government, Civil Society organizations in the country have formed a grouping called Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue.

Lucky Mbewe Executive Director for Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education briefed the media on the matter.

According to a communique made at the end of a day meeting held in Blantyre, the platform will accord an opportunity for a win– win situation for Malawians where civil societies are able to engage with government at all levels.

“Civil society organizations believe that the preservation of peace in Malawi is paramount for Malawi to move out of its current challenges and quagmire of poverty,” reads the communique.

One of the organizations which participated in the meeting is Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom.

Its spokesperson Sheffir Kaisi said it is high time Malawians created a dialogue platform to engage with government as there is an enabling environment and political commitment from government.

The meeting was organized and funded by office of Presidential Adviser on Civil Society Organizations.

However, one of the Human Rights Activists Billy Mayaya has trashed the formation of the platform.

Mayaya who did not attend the meeting though the organizers claim he was invited.

He told this radio that there is deception in the manner the platform has been formed.

“There is no need for such a platform as human rights are broad,” added Mayaya.

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