Blantyre Water Board BWB has said it discovered a dead human body in its chamber.

According to BWB publicist Evelyn Khonje, the body was not in the pipes as claimed but in its chamber 79 where they house valves.

Khonje has assured its customers that water has not been as their steel pipes are intact and the water is always chlorinated.

“Blantyre Water Board would like to update its customers on an incident that happened in Ndirande-Malabadaon 26th March 2020,” says Khonje

She said the information that the board has is that staring from 23rd to 24th March the board has been working on Chamber 79 upon receiving complaints of no water from their customers.

Khonje added that upon finishing maintenance works it was noticed that water was still not able to flow to the customers.

She further said BWB team of technicians was therefore deployed to check on the pipeline to Ndirande Tank.

“As BWB inspectors were still carrying out checks on the pipeline they discovered a human dead body in a chamber. The matter was immediately reported to police by Blantyre Water Board. The police came to the scene, removed the dead body and are currently investigating the incident,” explains Khonje