FISP manager warns suppliers against overcharging farmers

FISP manager warns suppliers against overcharging farmers

Zomba district Agricultural Office has warned suppliers not to overcharge farmers, saying once found the law shall take its course.

This was said by the farm input subsidy program desk officer Josiya Malango Ngochera in an interview with Radio Islam.

Ngochera said his office is doing anything possible to ensure that hard to reach areas are considered in the supply of subsidized farm inputs.

He said it understands the need to consider areas which are hard to be reached mainly when the rains are in place.

Ngochera further said the program has started well this agricultural season and no challenge has been recorded yet.

He expressed concern over previous tendency of some traditional leaders, who grab coupons from rightful beneficiaries, basing on their personal grudges.

Ngochera said such tendencies are uncalled for and those found will be taken to task.

He then urged people who have received the coupons not to sell them but use for the intended purpose, so that the program realizes its goals.

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