Malawi Institutes Expenditure Control Measures

Government has instituted expenditure control measures and fleet management procedures.

In a letter addressed to all principal secretaries and heads of departments Chief Secretary to government Lloyd Muhara said 2017 to 2018 midyear budget review has given all indications that the country is facing financial challenges.

Muhara said government had noted that some controlling officers are not enhancing expenditure controls and as a result there is increased expenditure.

“It has also been observed that the trend of abuse of government motor vehicles continues despite government circular of 2nd March 2010. The abuse of government motor vehicles is contributing to increased government expenditure,” said Muhara.

He also said some officers are using government vehicles for personal and unauthorized activities particularly after working hours on weekends and public holidays.

“The expenditure control measures include restriction on business class air travel to speaker of national assembly, chief justice and chief secretary to government, top-up allowances for trips fully funded by donors suspended, fuel allowance cut by 10 percent, freezing recruitment of staff and promotions, short term training reduced and all buildings rented by government but vacant be released to landlords among others,” explained Muhara

He said “some of the Fleet management procedures are weekly refueling of each vehicle for local running should be limited, any movement of government vehicle outside working hours be authorized in writing by controlling officer or head of department, from 1st April controlling officer to be submitting quarterly motor vehicle returns to chief secretary and all government vehicles must be packed over the weekend.”

Therefore, the chief secretary to government has called on controlling officers and heads of department to actively monitor management of government fleet in order to reduce unnecessary excess expenditure on fuel and maintenance of vehicles.

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