Govt bans liquor sachets

Young Achievers for Development (YAD) has applauded government for banning liquor sachets which were the death trap to many Malawians.
Speaking at the press conference held at the Museum in Blantyre today, President for YAD Jefferson Milanzie said those sachets were reducing output of people in different sectors thereby retarding the country’s development.
He assured Malawians that his organization is ready to fight against any injunction on this ban for the country to have responsible youths.
“We indeed know that some manufacturers or Malawians who are making money because of liquor can obtain an injunction from court, I emphasise that we are very prepared to deal with them,” Milanzi stressed.
He asked stakeholders to support their effort in order to eradicate liquor sachets in Malawi.
According to the statement signed by Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture government has banned the packaging and selling of liquor sachets with effect from Tuesday February, 17, 2015.
The decision followed a cabinet meeting which was held on Monday.
Among others the statement said cabinet decided to promulgate regulations under section 96 of the Liquor Act to govern the production, marketing and distribution of liquor.
The ban has come about after various organizations lobbied against the selling of sachets which they argued was having negative effects on people especially the youth.

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