Human Rights Defenders Coalition chairperson Timothy Mtambo has resigned from his position and all activism organizations.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe Mtambo said had formed Citizens for Transformation (CFT) Peoples Power Movement.

He said is commander in chief of the revolution movement which is political but not a political party.

Mtambo endorsed MCP-UTM alliance and asked Malawians not to vote for DPP.

“This movement will remain vibrant after the fresh presidential elections,” stressed Mtambo.

He was arrested among two other HRDC leaders Gift Trapence who was his vice chairperson and Mcdonald Sembereka for calling on Malawians to shutdown state residences in order to force chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission justice Dr Jane Ansah to resign.

They were released on bail after various local and international organizations and the opposition Malawi Congress Party MCP had demanded their immediate release.

President Professor Peter Mutharika had issued the last warning to the opposition and HRDC to stop holding demonstrations.

Days later MCP and HRDC cancelled their planned demonstrations.

MCP formed alliance with UTM party after DPP-UDF alliance to secure the 50 plus 1 votes in order to win the elections.