Three people have been tested positive of coronavirus COVID-19 in Malawi

Announcing the news president of Malawi professor Peter Mutharika said the Indian woman who tested positive had returned from India where he had contact with relatives that were tested positive.

Mutharika said she transmitted the virus to her maid and relative in Lilongwe where they reside.

“We will continue tracing other people so that we control the spread of the pandemic,” Mutharika says

Meawhile, Malawi Health Equity Network MEHN has advised government to implement a mandatory testing of covid-19 in communities to trace those that might be affected.

MEHN executive director George Jobe has made the remarks following president’s announcement of first cases of covid-19 in the country.

In an interview Jobe says the measure will help government to know the number of people affected and how to contain it before it spread further.

However, Jobe warned against imposing a lock down saying the country does not have the potential to provide all its citizens with basic necessities like other countries are doing.

“If not careful the lock down might affect the country’s economy as most of the citizens depend on daily transactions to put food on the table,” Jobe says

He further advised that measures against covid-19 must not subject people to social, economic and human rights suffering.