A consortium of human rights activists has warned that selective application of justice in the country will not be entertained

The consortium comprises centre for democracy and economic development initiatives, social revolution movement, human rights ambassadors, forum for democracy and rights defenders, Mzuzu youth caucus and centre for children affairs in Malawi

In a statement following the re-arrest of Kalindo leaders of the groups Phunziro Mvula, Oliver Nakoma, Silvestor Namiwa, Steve Chimwaza, Gomezyani Nkhoma and Moses Busher say the development vindicates fears from sectors of the society

“Police should also arrest Minister of civic education Timothy Mtambo and the leadership of human rights defenders coalition who led violent demonstrations between May 2019 and April 2020 where billions of property was damaged and left scores of people injured,” they said

Therefore the human rights organisations challenge inspector general of police Dr George Kainja to intervene

The human rights activists also challenge all Malawians to be vigilant and defend the country’s democracy