ICJF Calls on Malawians To Register for Elections

Islamic commission for justice and freedom (ICJF) has called upon people in Zomba to register in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

ICJF Chief commissioner Shaibu Abdurwahman Ajasi made the call when he attended a gathering at Namonde masjid in the area of ST/A Nkapita.

Speaking to the crowd Ajasi said people’s development aspirations can only be accomplished if they take part in electoral activities and this starts with registration exercise.

“My organisation has observed that some people are not going to register because they are not satisfied with how elected leaders have performed in their respective areas,” Ajasi said

He then stressed the need for traditional leaders to also take a leading role in mobilizing their subjects to go and register.

Ajasi said ICJF has lined up different activities in the district aimed at sensitizing people on the significance of the exercise.

On his part Senior Group Mikundi who represented ST/A Nkapita concurred with Ajasi saying people’s need for leader ship change at any level cannot be accomplished if they do not take part in elections.

Chief Mikundi said “people should also understand that they will not be accorded an opportunity to vote if they do not register.”

The traditional leader said is satisfied with how people are responding to the exercise.

Registration exercise in Zomba is being conducted alongside Mangochi and Nsanje.

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