Refugees Clash With Police In Malawi

Refugees have clashed with police at Dzaleka refugee camp, Dowa district, Malawi.

According to Officer_in_Charge for Dowa police station Owen Maganga the conflict erupted as police were searching for refugees who are trafficking people in the country.

Maganga said they received a tip from well wishers that some Ethiopians had illegally entered into the country with the assistance of some Ethiopian refugees who stay at Dzaleka Refugee camp.

“When the police went into the camp to check in one of the suspected refugee houses, they found 150 Ethiopians hiding in a warehouse,” Maganga said

He further said when the police tried to arrest the owner of the house the refugees went rampage and in the process smashed window screen of the police vehicle.

“On Saturday night, the suspected human traffickers attacked John Hossan Falisi, a Somali refugee who they accused of revealing the information to police,” Maganga added

Dowa police CID Officer, Max Divala, says police have arrested two refugees Isaac Tagetsa and Getacho Ulukatato who are suspected of human trafficking at Dzaleka Refugee camp.

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