IZF Advises Muslim Students To Focus On Islamic Education

Director of Islamic Zakaat Fund IZF sheikh Muhammad Osman has advised Muslim students in the country to focus on Islamic education in order to achieve their goals and become productive Muslims.

Sheikh Osman made the remarks at Monkey Bay in Mangochi district during a Taribiah program with IZF sponsored students held under the theme “Quran is a guidance to succeed.”

Sheikh Osman who is also Radio Islam Director said he feels joy when Muslim students under IZF sponsorship are graduating in various public and private Universities.

“Though main objective of the bursary program is to help needy Muslim students, only those with basic Islamic knowledge are eligible for the sponsorship,” said Sheikh Osman

Sheikh Osman applauded IZF beneficiaries for their dedication in education.

Deputy Principal of As-ssalam Mualims Institute, Sheikh Muslim Abasi Vinjenje said such gatherings are very important as Muslim students are reminded of the good deeds.

Vinjenje said “Muslim students should follow Islamic principles which guide to the right path.”

Commenting Supervisor of Madrasahs in Monkey Bay zone Sheikh Patrick Komoni, said over 160 students are now on IZF sponsorship hence reducing school dropout rate.

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