Judiciary sends additional judge to the North for speedy prosecution

The judicially says it is planning to send another judge to the northern region next month to speed up the process of prosecution.

This comes following the petition presented to the office of the chief justice by Malawi Law Society Mzuzu chapter which requested it to send another judge due the long time it is taking before the cases are delivered at the high court.

Speaking to Radio Islam in an interview judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula attributed the delay in sending another judge to Mzuzu due to the limited number of judges in the country.

“What you must know is that Malawi has only 34 judges with 11 saving at Supreme Court of appeal and 23 at magistrate courts,” revealed Mvula.

The pressure of judges erupted in Mzuzu when Justice Godfrey Mwase died leaving Mzuzu high court with one judge Dingiswayo Madise.

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