Karonga chiefs call for resumption of Kayelekera Uranium Mine activities

Karonga chiefs call for resumption of Kayelekera Uranium Mine activities

Few months after Paladin Africa Limited suspended its uranium mining activities in Karonga district, chiefs around Kayelekera Uranium Mine have appealed for the resumption of its activities, saying suspension of the mining activity has rendered lives of many families at stake.

Paladin Africa Limited suspended its mining operations because of uranium’s low price on the international market.

However, the company is on record that it will resume its operations after prices stabilize.

Speaking during survey interviews organized by CCJP, six village headmen, including Group Village Headman Kayelekera, admitted that a lot of families struggle to earn a living because many people from the area lost their jobs after the mining was suspended.

The village headmen said suspension of mining of uranium which is one of the richest stones in the world has also seriously affected small- scale businesses which have stalled due to lack of customers.

In his remarks, Village Headman Nkhachila said he feared for the security of his community and Karonga district, saying the current situation might induce vandalism as many people including the youths are not employed.

However, Group Village Headman Kayelekera strongly felt that there is need for proper arrangements with the new government on corporate social responsibilities by the mining company.

He mentioned that it was difficult for him and his subordinates to follow up the pledges made by the mining company as there were no pre-arranged ways of doing it.

According to Project Coordinator of CCJP in Karonga district, Mwawi Shaba, the interview survey which is under a project called ‘Transparency Initiative within our natural extractive’ aims at finding out how communities have benefited from mining activities.


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