Majilis Ulama Council of Malawi has condemned in strongest terms the behavior of some sheikhs who use Ruqiya to heal people without following Islamic principles.

The condemnation has come amid reports that there are some sheikhs who are ripping off poor Muslims suffering from various diseases by using Quran while they do not qualify to do so.

Speaking on behalf of Majilis Ulama at the press conference held at Maselema in Blantyre, Dr Imran Sherrif called upon all sheikhs who claim to have the healing power to follow right procedures as stipulated by the Quran and Sunnah.

“Majilis Ulama has received many complaints from the Muslim community of sheikhs who use Ruqiya to heal people but charge a lot of money adding such malpractice is not encouraged in Islam,” Dr Imran said.

He condemned the formation of Healing Ministries by Sheikh Umar Matola.

Some of the notable sheikhs at the conference were Sheikh Muhammad Uthuman Ntalika, Dr Salmin Omar Idrus, Sheikh Muhammad Silika, Sheikh Ahmad Chiyenda, Sheikh Yusufu Jannah and Sheikh Chongolo.