MACRA and MIJ train broadcasters

In a bid to assist broadcasters disseminate information properly to the public, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority in conjunction with Malawi Institute of Journalism is training them in Blantyre.

Speaking today during the official opening of the three day workshop on building capacity of journalists in broadcasting, Course Coordinator at Malawi Institute of Journalism Evelyn Pasanje said they decided to conduct the training after noting some challenges in the broadcasting industry.

” We realised that if the problems are not addressed through this training journalists will be spreading information which has no impact to Malawians,” Pasanje said.

In his remarks deputy director of MACRA Kelton Masangano said as a regulatory body it is facing problems in as far as regulating and monitoring broadcasting is concerned because of lack of laws.

However, Masangano expressed optimism that the challenges will be addressed soon because cabinet has already met on broadcasting regulations which have been drafted.

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