Malawi declares Eid-Ulfitri holiday

Government has said this year’s Eid-Ulfitri holiday will be observed either on Friday 15th June or Monday 18th June upon sightation of the new moon of Shawwal.

According to the Islamic calendar the new moon is expected to be sighted either on Thursday 14th June or Friday 15th June.

In a statement signed by the ministry of Local government secretary Kiswell Kadamau says if the moon will be sighted on Thursday Eid holiday will be on Friday but if sighting on Friday the public holiday will be observed on Monday 18th June 2018.

“However, government says the actual sighting of the moon will be made by Muslim Association of Malawi,” says Dakamau.

The ministry is therefore wishing all Muslims in the country and the general public a happy Eid Ulfitri public holiday.

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