Government has been disturbed by Judge Kenyatta’s order that released four Chinese nationals who had been quarantined on arrival at Kamuzu International Airport amid Corona virus crisis.

According to Minister of information, civic education and communication technology Mark Botomani department of immigration and citizenship services sent back to China ten nationals and detained 4 others because they did not have air tickets for their immediate return.

Botomani says the deportation and quarantining of the Chinese was in keeping with international practice recommended to curb the spread of devastating Corona virus from high risk countries.

“While the four waited for their tickets that a local legal film Wilknson and Associates sought a court order which judge Kenyatta Nyirenda granted releasing the four even before any tests were conducted on them and before the recommended 14 day quarantine period had elapsed,” Botomani says

Government finds Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda’s order short of patriotism as he has undermined local and global efforts to protect lives from the virus.

The information Minister says the court order has potential to make Malawi a weak link in global efforts to fight COVID-19.

Botomani has commended immigration department for acting diligently to protect Malawians from potential importation of the disease.

“Malawi is dismayed with Kenyatta’s order that may have put millions of Malawians at potentially high risk,” adds information Minister

Government has therefore asked Kenyatta to join the efforts in the fight against COVID-19 instead of being an enemy of the efforts.

It has encouraged department of immigration and citizenship services to apply for the vacation of the injunction for the sake of fighting the pandemic.

The information Minister expects that the judiciary will play its role in protecting Malawians and the rest of the world from the devastating COVID-19